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  • Mystery and SF by Ernest Lilley
  • Just the Facts - April 2007 by Gayle Surrette


  • Interview: Edward Wright by Ernest Lilley /
  • Red Sky Lament by Edward Wright

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  • Shooter by Antoine Fuqua (Director)

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  • US Book Reviews:
  • Bleak Water by Danuta Reah
  • Eye of Heaven: A Dirk & Steele Adventure by Marjorie M. Liu
  • Guess Who's Coming to Die?: A Throughly Southern Mystery by Patricia Sprinkle
  • Murder of a Botoxed Blonde: A Scumble River Mystery by Denise Swanson
  • Nefertiti: The Book of the Dead by Nick Drake
  • Red Sky Lament by Edward Wright
  • Shadow of the Raven by David Sundstrand
  • The Glass Devil by Helene Tursten
  • The Coldest Blood by Jim Kelly
  • The Lost Madonna by Kelly Jones
  • The Next Time You Die: A Lee Henry Oswald Mystery by Harry Hunsicker
  • The Refuge: A Maxine and Stretch Mystery by Sue Henry
  • Tutu Deadly by Natalie M. Roberts
  • What's A Ghoul to Do?: A Ghost Hunter Mystery by Victoria Laurie
  • White Night (The Dresden Files, Book 9) by Jim Butcher
  • Witch Way to Murder: An Ophelia and Abby Mystery by Shirley Damsgaard