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Gumshoe Contributors Who are we? Read on and get to know us. If you've got a passion for Mysteries and want to take a hand at reviewing or literary criticism, feel free to contact me at editor (at) - Ern

Gayle Surrette Editor / Publisher - Gayle's always been a fan of SF, Fantasy, Mystery and Horror, in all its various permutations. She's a list admin for several writing and chat groups and has made a living programming for the last three decades. She joined SFRevu in September 2005 with her first review: Crossroads by Brett Cox and Andy Duncan. Soon she took on the task of keeping our syntax on the straight and narrow. She was instrumental in setting up Gumshoe Review and took over the magazine in July of 2010.

Paul Haggerty Web Guru - Paul Haggerty has been an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. He's also by profession a software engineer and system administrator. So naturally Gumshoe Review drafted him to be our web maven as well as a part-time reviewer.

Ernest Lilley Editor Emeritus - Ernest Lilley is the Sr. Editor for SFRevu (, Gumshoe ( and TechRevu ( and is a freelance writer and photojournalist who regularly writes for science and technology publications. He likes station wagons, roadtrips, and digital photography and currently lives in the Gernsback Continuum with that classic trope of SF, a red headed heroine. He recently edited his first Anthology: Future Washington, with contributions by a number of top ranked authors, which was published in late 2005.

Wes Breazeale - Wes Breazeale -- An avid sci-fi reader since childhood, Wes now works as the fundraising director for The Library Foundation, promoting literacy and helping ensure that kids have the same opportunities to read that he did as a child. Wes enjoys hard SF (Hannu Rajaniemi and Paolo Bacigalupi are recent faves), Epic/Space Opera (James S.A. Corey, Peter F. Hamilton, Hugh Howey), gritty Urban Fantasy (Jim Butcher, Patricia Briggs, Mike Carey) and straight up action-thriller-mysteries (David Baldacci, John Sandford, Robert Crais). Wes is a transplanted New Englander who has lived in Oregon for the past 20 years.

Marilyn Brooks - Marilyn Brooks is an administrator at a Massachusetts university. She's been reading since the age of three, according to her mother. When she's not going to her local library (two or three times a week) or buying books, she loves to travel and has been to countries in Europe, Asia, and South America. She particularly enjoys books set in far-away places, e.g., the Dr .Siri novels set in Laos and almost every mystery set in Scandinavia. She's been writing reviews on her blog for a year:

Peggy Ehrhart - Peggy Ehrhart is a former college English professor who now devotes her time to writing mysteries and playing blues guitar. As Margaret J. Ehrhart, she has published widely in the field of her academic specialty, medieval literature, and she has also won awards for her short fiction. She is a longtime member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime. As a guitar player, she has performed with The Last Stand Band and other bands in the New York/TriState area. Her first full-length mystery, Sweet Man Is Gone, was published by Five Star/Gale/Cengage in August 2008. Visit her on the web at

Carolyn Frank - Although armed with a PhD in Regional Science (quantitative social science policy analysis), she spends her days as a management consultant writing bureaucratic fiction for the Department of Homeland Security. Having taught herself to read at a very early age, she borrowed her older brother's library books to have something to read. He read science fiction, so she read science fiction, and she has continued to do so for the next forty plus years.

Dawn Goldsmith - Dawn Goldsmith has been a freelance writer since 1981 with work published in a variety of national markets including Better Nutrition, Birds and Blooms, The Washington Post, Notre Dame Magazine, and Christian Science Monitor. I specialize in essays, magazine articles, book reviews and critiques.


Cathy Green - I've been reading mystery novels since I counted my age in single digits, starting with a mix of Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, The Happy Hollisters, Encyclopedia Brown and The Three Investigators. Junior High and High School brought a steady stream of cosy mysteries and police procedurals including Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, Patricia Wentworth, Catherine Aird, and P.D. James. And later I became a devotee of contemporary detective novels and police procedurals, by authors such as Robert B. Parker, Sue Grafton, Marcia Muller, Bill Pronzini and Sara Paretsky. So when Gumshoe Review offered access to a steady stream of new mystery novels in return for writing down my thoughts about the books, naturally I jumped at the opportunity.

Mario Guslandi Reviewer - Mario Guslandi lives in Milan, Italy. Most likely he's the only Italian who reads and reviews dark fiction in English. His reviews have appeared in a number of genre sites such as: The SF Site, The Zone, Horrorworld, The Agony Column, Infinity Plus, Emerald City, etc

Carol Hicks - During my tenure as a teacher, I assigned thousands of book reports to involuntary students. Each week one of these unfortunate young ladies would be singled out to present her report to the class. I was teaching them how to make their audience want to read the book, and that, of course, meant that they could not give away any surprises. In my retirement village, I continue leading book groups, and it is still a unique and daunting challenge.


Joseph B. Hoyos - Joseph B. Hoyos graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BS in Nuclear Engineering and minors in English and math. He is a technical writer for Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, Virginia. An avid reader of all genres, Joseph began reviewing novels for the Chesapeake Romance Writers. Now he reviews books, movies and music for the Amazon Vine Program. Joseph has also written and delivered many award winning speeches for Toastmasters International. He also loves to sing in his church choir and do charity work with the Gift Bearers, a club sponsored by Hallmark Corporation.

Mel Jacob Reviewer - Mel Jacob is a freelance writer and consultant. The author of Domestic Technology, Strategic Planning, and numerous articles on information services, management, networks, and libraries and editor for several other books. An avid reader, she used to sneak her father's science fiction magazines as a pre-teen and has continued reading speculative fiction of all types throughout her adult life. She also enjoys reading the classics, romance, and mysteries.


Carter Jefferson - Carter Jefferson, who lives in Boston, has been a reporter and copy editor on a metropolitan daily, a Navy officer, a professor of history, and a family therapist. He started writing professionally when he was 15 on a local ethnic newspaper, and has never stopped. Officially retired, he now writes fiction, memoirs, and essays for e-zines, and teaches creative writing to the senior set at U.Mass./Boston. His website:



Tammy Kapturowski - Ever since I can remember I have loved writing. As far back as grade school, I jotted down thoughts for poems and songs that unfortunately I never set to music. In high school and college, I was involved in theater and wrote for the school paper. For the last 18 years I have worked for the Department of Parks and Recreation with the city of Virginia Beach. In addition to loving anything outdoors related, I enjoy dividing my time between photography and reading. I enjoy mysteries and true crime novels.


Bill Lawhorn -

Lynne LeGrow - Lynne works full-time as a cataloger for large public library system. It is work she loves with new titles crossing her desk everyday making it seem just like Christmas morning. An avid reader, she maintains a mystery web site with many mystery links and bibliographies of her favorite authors. She lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband, a firefighter and her two children who attend university. Besides reading, she enjoys walking with her husband, British television, and attending her mystery book club, Whodunit.


Sherry Lilley - I am a legal secretary, and have been one for 32 years, the last 22 working for litigators. As such, I am a professional nag, babysitter of grown adults (also known as attorneys), and very organized (see, babysitter of grown adults). I am also a mom (mother of the world’s most adorable child, just ask me, I’ll tell you), novice knitter, friend and reviewer.

Sam Lubell Reviewer - Sam Lubell started reading science fiction by about age ten with books like Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet and the Spaceship Under the Apple Tree. This soon was followed by the classics of science fiction. While still in high school Lubell started subscribing to Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, which he somehow maintained through years of college and grad school. This led him to discover the world of science fiction fandom. Shortly after moving to Washington DC, he become involved in the Washington Science Fiction Association ( where he served as Secretary, editor of the WSFA Journal, and President. He was chair of Capclave 2003 ( and continues to hold various positions for this small and friendly convention. In 1998, he was the head of the Public Relations division for Bucconeer, the Baltimore WorldCon. He has been reviewing books for the WSFA Jounal since 1995 and for SFRevu since 2003, and Gumshoe in 2009. Favorite authors include Cordwainer Smith, Zenna Henderson, Tim Powers, Orson Scott Card, Ken MacLeod, Charlie Stross, R.A. Lafferty, and many others. He reads both science fiction and fantasy.

Bill McCune Reviewer - Bill McCune returned to school for an MA in English after 30 years in technical sales and marketing. He recently presented a scholarly paper on Carl Hiaasen, following the discovery that writing about writers is as much fun as reading their books. It is his firm conviction that Raymond Chandler and The Wire mark the apogee for modern American literature and film. He lives in Naples, Florida and is active as a volunteer in area writing conferences. His reading also includes science fiction, fantasy, history, and theology.

Don Metzler -

Nick Sauer - Nick Sauer was born in upstate New York but currently resides in central New Jersey where he works as a research scientist/engineer at Bell Laboratories. His first experience in SF/fantasy literature was when he discovered Edgar Rice Burroughs as a child. He has also read comic books from as far back as he can remember. While today Nick mostly reads non-fiction he will read almost anything fictionwise, but he is still especially fond of literature from the 1930s pulp era. His all-time favorite magazine is Weird Tales in all of its various incarnations. Nick also is a big fan of genre television and maintains a blog on his thoughts on this topic at

Linda Marie Schumacher Reviewer - Linda Marie Schumacher grew up in Princeton Jct. New Jersey. The US Navy brought Linda to Hampton Roads, Virginia where she lives with her husband and two sons. An engineer by trade, Linda enjoys reading novels about spies, government agencies, under-cover military events and World War II fiction. Her hobbies include walking, wine and micro-brew beer tasting, and as much travel as time and budget will allow.

Beth Slater Reviewer - Beth Slater resides in Jacksonville, FL where she lives with her husband and two cats. She started reading mysteries when she inherited her older sister's Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys collection. After leaving her successful mystery reading group at her library in High Springs, FL, she started reviewing her monthly reads to send back to friends and family who demanded them in lieu of her actual presence. She has been a reference librarian in public libraries and academic libraries, and has worked as an information specialist, as well. In addition to reviewing products for, she is a member of the DorothyL mystery listserv, makes beaded jewelry for family & friends, and loves to attend book conferences and as many Aerosmith concerts as possible. Her husband keeps encouraging her to get help for her 'reading problem' but to no avail.

Sam Tomaino Columnist - Sam is a regular reviewer and columnist for our sister publication, He also reads and reviews mystery. He currently lives in New Jersey.

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