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Death Legacy by Jacqueline Seewald
Review by Gayle Surrette
Five Star  ISBN/ITEM#: 9781432825737
Date: 25 November 2011

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Michelle Hallam had been requested to meet a new client at a hotel in the South of France -- the client was a no show. However, she did meet a handsome and somewhat rude American tourist who was difficult to avoid. After an unfortunate incident at the pool, Michelle learned that the tourist was Dr. Daniel Reiner from New York, a psychiatrist, who seemed to her to be very manipulative. But when she had a client who needed psychiatric care she recommended Dr. Reiner. He thought this would be a great opportunity to get to know Michelle.

Michelle inherited a business from her uncle when he died. He'd trained her for it and she'd worked hard to learn all that he could teach. The company handled sensitive cases -- they weren't spies, after all they didn't work for any government though they had completed several contracts with various government agencies. They had international offices and specialized in information gathering.

Michelle's current client was a friend of the family who wanted to know how or if her husband had died. He'd once worked for the CIA and getting information was very difficult. It should have been fairly easy using the agency's contacts to find out what had happened to James Parker. However, her inquiries seemed to raise red flags everywhere and soon she was running for her life.

It wasn't anything she couldn't handle in the ordinary course of events, except that Daniel Reiner refused to stay put and clung to her like a limpet, determined to save her from all danger. Noble, but without any training and with a mindset that refused to admit that sometimes force must be used, he was rapidly becoming a danger to them both.

By chapter four, the action is non-stop. Michelle doesn't know who to trust or where the threat is coming from. There's national and international involvement in what happened to James Parker and getting anyone to talk just ups the danger. And through it all, Daniel bumbles like a child who seems totally incapable of understanding the danger of his situation.

The plot is twisty as a thriller should be. The romance between Michelle and Daniel is heated. The characters are unevenly developed -- some real enough to step off the page and others worn clichés or caricatures. However, the story and the action keep you reading and as you get drawn into the narrative. There were times that Daniel just drove me up the wall wanting to reach into the page and give him a severe blow to the head with the clue stick -- so while some of the story drove me crazy, the overall plot and action keep me reading long into the night.

This is a good action thriller with a bit of romance and well developed plot. While uneven in delivery, if you get started, it will be hard to put it down even if you have problems with one of the major characters. Maybe the problem with the Daniel character is that he seemed sort of a male version of the helpless woman who must be saved, yet refuses to stay home and wait for the all clear.

If you enjoy international thrillers with a bit of intrigue and romance, give Death Legacy a try. You may enjoy the vicarious danger and the take charge women who manages to deal with everything that's thrown at her.

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