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SecondWorld by Jeremy Robinson
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Review by Joseph B. Hoyos
Thomas Dunne Books Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 9780312617868
Date: 22 May 2012 List Price $25.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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Lincoln Miller, an NCIS special agent, is vacationing inside Aquarius, an underwater research center located south of Key Largo. When disaster forces him to resurface, he discovers red flakes of rust covering all of Miami, which has become a city of corpses. Tokyo and Tel Aviv have suffered similar fates. Miller rescues Arwen, a twelve-year-old burn victim, from Mount Sinai Medical Center. They are pursued by vicious gangs of armed Nazis while attempting to escape Miami.

In Washington D.C., Miller discovers Elizabeth Adler, German liaison for Interpol, inside his ransacked apartment. While searching for ancient WWII Nazi scientists who are still alive, Miller and Alder discover their names are on a hit list along with that of Milo Vesely, a Czech conspiracy theorist; they locate him alive in Poland. These three uncover a complex plot to suffocate the world's inhabitants except for Nazis protected by underground bunkers. They have less than five days to prevent the end of this world and the beginning of the Nazi-occupied SecondWorld.

Readers, who try not to judge too harshly the implausible science, will find Jeremy Robinson's SecondWorld a fun action novel. From cover to cover, there is non-stop violence. Millions die as evil Nazis try, once again, to dominate the world by killing everyone else. It reminded me of the plot for the James Bond film Moonraker. In fact, the hero of SecondWorld, thirty-nine-year-old Lincoln Miller, is a cross between James Bond and a superhero who is nearly impossible to kill. Like the Energizer Bunny, he takes a beating (or shooting) but still keeps on going and going and going.

An expert marksman, Miller never misses a target. Thanks to his Navy SEAL training, he can also hold his breath for long periods of time while swimming like a fish. Miller doesn't have children but he does develop a fatherly, protective attachment to the burn victim, Arwen, who has lost her entire family in Miami. There is some romantic tension between him and Elizabeth Adler who thinks he is easy on the eye. The romance has a difficult time blooming because he doesn't know whether or not to trust her considering her grandparents were Nazi scientists responsible for inventing a device that can kill millions.

One of the novel's more unusual characters is Milo Vesely who likes to give himself the code name of Cowboy. (Miller's code name is Survivor.) A fan of classic Westerns and John Wayne, Vesely always wears a Stetson. With his Czech accent and frontier demeanor, he provides much of the novel's comic relief. He is also a very quick draw and, therefore, is able to slaughter many of the Nazis with brutal headshots. Initially, the only team member he trusts is Miller. Because of her notorious German ancestry, Adler has to earn Vesely’s respect.

Miller and his cohorts must literally travel around the world in order to save the world. Robinson takes his readers from the sweltering heat of Miami to the frozen tundra of the Antarctica. The reader also gets a taste of Tokyo, Washington D.C., Poland, and New Mexico. Miller faces peril on land, under the ocean, and in the sky. Nonstop violence, exotic locales, a countdown to global annihilation, and a diversity of unique characters, both good and evil, make this a tense, fast-paced novel that is sometimes very difficult to lay aside.

Furthermore, Jeremy Robinson's highly entertaining tale of apocalyptic horror may not be too far from the truth. Many people around the globe have shared the fear that this planet has not seen the last of the Nazis. Even the Bible predicts the rise of an evil, one-world empire controlled by a Hitler-like being that will kill all Jews and Christians. Thanks to cloning and cryogenics, a person can be "reborn". In conclusion, SecondWorld is a highly recommended doomsday thriller, especially for fans of the neo-Nazi subgenre.

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