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Fatal Fortune: A Psychic Eye Mystery by Victoria Laurie
Cover Artist: Monika Roe
Review by Sherry Lilley
NAL Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 9780451240613
Date: 01 July 2014 List Price $24.95 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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Abby, psychic and occasional FBI consultant, is awakened one morning by a call from her best friend, Candice. Candice tells Abby, it's not how it looks. And then she's gone. Abby has no idea what Candice is talking about. She soon learns when the police show Abby a video of Candice shooting a man in cold blood. But Abby knows Candice, knows it couldn't be what it appears to be, and she has to prove her friend is not a cold blooded murderer.

Abby dashes to the office, at Candice's request, to retrieve a file. She barely makes it out before someone (the police?) comes snooping around. But where to hide the file? Of course, she finds the perfect spot. But then what? What's in the file? She didn't have time to look at first, and when she does have time to look, it doesn't mean anything. But it must be important because Candice did not want anyone to find it.

And is Candice following her around? Her car is very distinctive, in fact pretty much the only one of its kind in town, so it must be Candice. But why is she following Abby instead of stopping and talking to her? And what does this have to do with the dead man? If Candice shot him, why? It certainly looks like Candice doing the shooting, and she definitely got out of Candice's car. But Candice had told Abby it's not how it looks. So, what is it?

Abby's husband, Dutch, and Candice's husband, Brice, who also happens to be Dutch and Abby's boss at the FBI, are puzzled by the whole thing. And Brice is hurting. How could his wife have done such a thing, and where is she?

Dutch and Brice don't know about the file folder, and Abby can't tell them because Candice told her not to tell anyone. So what's a girl to do? Well, if it's your best friend, and you know she couldn't possibly be guilty of the things she's accused of doing, you have to find out who did, and why they set it up to look like Candice did it.

I did miss Abby's carpenter/friend who does not make an appearance in this book, but he's the only thing missing. Yes, her sister is only there by reference, for the most part. Same with the dogs. But they're there, so if you're wondering how they're doing, they're fine. As for the actual mystery, it flows right along, with enough surprises to keep the reader guessing.

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