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Hounded (Andy Carpenter) by David Rosenfelt
Cover Artist: Premium Royalty Free / Masterfile
Review by Joseph B. Hoyos
Minotaur Books Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 9781250024749
Date: 22 July 2014 List Price $25.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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Danny Diaz, an ex-con turned informant, has been shot to death. His friend, Detective Pete Stanton, has been framed for his murder. Millionaire defense attorney Andy Carpenter must wade through a quagmire of antagonistic police officers and FBI agents, dangerous drug kingpins, evil CEOs and vicious assassins in order to build a defense that will convince a jury to free Diaz. Meanwhile, the love of his life, Laurie Collins, is urging him to adopt Diaz's adorable eight-year-old son, Ricky Diaz, and basset hound, Sebastian. It is no wonder that Carpenter feels hounded from all sides.

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Once again, best-selling author David Rosenfelt has created another over-the-top thriller with his latest Andy Carpenter novel, Hounded (following Unleashed and Leader of the Pack). Mystery lovers will never experience a dull moment while reading an Andy Carpenter novel. Like the previous installments, Hounded has an intriguing plot that overflows with violence and Carpenter's witty sarcasm and self-deprecating humor. It contains a wide spectrum of characters ranging from very amiable to extremely vile. Andy has a close-knit Mission Impossible-like team of highly talented employees who work closely together to help him solve crimes.

Sam Willis is Andy's computer geek who performs all types of high-tech miracles; he helps locate a highly skilled assassin. Marcus Clark is the ape-like muscleman who keeps Andy and his other teammates alive when they rush into a nest of criminals. I was surprised by Laurie's adept use of a gun, but then I remember she is a former police officer; she provides Carpenter with valuable police sources. Willie Miller is an ex-con whom Andy freed. While in prison, Willie made friends with dangerous criminals; he is able to hook Andy up with beneficial underworld sources.

I've always said, "If you want to make a story more appealing, throw in a pet or a child." Well, Rosenfelt has added both. A cute basset hound, like the one pictured on the novel's jacket, has become Tara's new playmate. Tara is Andy's faithful golden retriever and was the inspiration for the Tara Foundation, a canine rescue shelter established by Willie and Andy. This helps prove that Andy has a heart of gold. Now, in Hounded, fans learn that he is about to become a father. He and Laurie are falling in love with the orphaned Ricky. Perhaps their desire to adopt the boy will compel them to finally get hitched.

Not only does Hounded contain medical and police procedures but it also contains a great deal of courtroom drama. Readers will have an opportunity to discover Andy's great skills as an attorney. He is a performing artist who is very clever and knowledgeable. (Andy does his homework--homework that nearly gets him killed.) He knows how to sway members of the jury and to negate witnesses' testimonies. I would want him for my defense attorney if I was ever arrested. Though he's a great attorney, his job is not his life. Andy cares deeply about his friends; he even attends a crossword puzzle tournament championship in order to support his secretary, Edna.

Will there be another Andy Carpenter novel? If not, fans will hound author David Rosenfelt until he writes one. Hounded is a great addition to the series and I highly recommend it for its swiftly paced plot, tons of violence, some graphic gore, suspenseful courtroom drama, vicious killers, adorable dogs, and a special boy named Ricky. Ricky's plight tore at my heart strings; both his biological parents are dead and his stepmother is nowhere to be found. Will Andy and Laurie give him a permanent, stable home? Readers are going to be shocked numerous times before they reach the novel's closing pages.

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