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Windswept Danger (Blackthorne, Inc. Book 6) by Terry Odell
Review by Gayle Surrette
Terry Odell Kindle Edition  ISBN/ITEM#: B00N6XQY6W
Date: 27 October 2014

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Glenn "Hotshot" McCade is worried. He was tortured when he was captured while on a special op for Blackthorne, Inc. in Mexico. He's the medical support on ops as well as a field operative, so he's now cleared himself for duty. So, far they've been assigning him to light duty, observation, and backup. He wants back on active assignments and keeping his nightmares to himself is the best way to do that.

Blackthorne, Inc. is a security firm and one arm of the company is just that. Another section specializes in rescues where they go in where no one is supposed to go, get the target, and get out without anyone the wiser. They even get hired by governments. A lot of their work is surveillance, intelligence gathering, and keeping people out of trouble so they don't need to be rescued.

Olivia Fairbanks has been working part-time with Blackthorne, Inc. in security. She mostly babysits clients to make sure they stay safe. Her other job is as a physician's assistant at a women's health practice. She's ex-military as are most of Blackthorne's personnel.

Hotshot and Olivia have been partnered to go undercover at a very exclusive resort as a billionaire and his physical therapist. They are to look around and see if their client's daughter is one of the guests. The resort has extensive security that makes it almost impossible to communicate with the outside world.

Hotshot feels that he has to prove himself on this mission or they'll move him to security or let him go. Olivia, fresh from the funeral of her father, has had it rubbed in her face by her brothers that women are worthless except as housewives, child bearers, and caretakers (and the children had better be boys). She feels like she also has to prove herself and she's made more anxious because this mission is for the special operations side -- not security.

The big problem is they're attracted to each other. Missions can go all pear-shaped on their own without the two people on the ground having their minds on things other than the actual mission. It doesn't help that something doesn't smell right at the resort. They can't contact the outside. Should they stick with the mission parameters or go with their guts? And how do they manage to do it all and stay professional.

Odell manages to keep the characters consistent with their background while ramping up the tension. Readers have to wonder if they can keep their emotions in check long enough to get the job done? While the bigger questions are will they make it out with the information they've gathered, and what will Blackthorne do with it?

Just when you think the stories going one way, it takes some pretty twisty turns that keep you on the edge of you chair and flipping the pages. I've read a number of the previous Blackthorne, Inc. novels and Windswept Danger doesn't disappoint. While this is the sixth book in the series, it can be read as a stand-alone.

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