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My Name Is A by Anonymous
Review by Joseph B. Hoyos
Date: 01 October 2014 List Price $14.95 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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In small-town America, a teenager, Melissa, and three of her deeply disturbed, troubled girlfriends film themselves and each other prior to the cruel, premeditated murder of nine-year-old Elizabeth. These girls live in an economically depressed community with dysfunctional families and, though talented and intelligent, gravitate towards violent behavior in order to alleviate the emotional trauma of their lives. They turn to cutting themselves with knives and pieces of glass, wearing Gothic makeup while pretending to shoot themselves with guns, vomiting food, and painting strange portraits. In the end, only the killing of an innocent girl can give them the emotional outlet that they crave.

My Name is A by Anonymous is an extremely low budget docudrama based on a true-life crime. It is a sad commentary on today's wayward youth. The language that these girls use is extremely vile and reprehensible. Furthermore, one girl has an eating disorder, Bulimia, which is quite disturbing. Don't watch this film while trying to eat a meal. Another girl is quite attractive and has a beautiful singing voice, but she is filled with incredible anger and rage. Surprisingly enough, the acting is quite good. Unfortunately, the plot is shallow; it lacks substance. This docudrama, as I like to refer to it, could have been more successful if there had been more detail. If viewers can get past some of its tediousness and drudgery, the film, overall, is quite disturbing.

While watching My Name is A by Anonymous, I kept wondering how many children are in America who have similar issues to Melissa and her friends. How many psychopaths are being created in economically depressed towns where major companies have shut down, leaving its townspeople in economic, social and moral ruin? Do politicians enjoy aiding in shutting down companies and sending American jobs overseas, and thus sabotaging the future of our children. I fear that more children will die because of this economic downturn.

Some of the film's soundtrack is awesome. I love the song that the actress, Teona Doinikova, sings, even though I don't understand the words. I can feel the singer's passion; it ignites me. It's a song I can't get out of my head. The DVD itself is loaded with extras. From the trailers, I gather that Wild Eye Releasing produces numerous low-budget films dealing with child exploitation. There were also trailers of horror films that might be interesting to watch. There are two alternate versions of the film that are shorter in length. The hour-long version is actually the best, even better than the full-length one. There are two short films that don't pertain to the feature film. The most intriguing is the one involving two Asian sisters, one of whom is being tormented by her dead sibling.

My Name is A by Anonymous is definitely not for everyone. Many would find the vile language and disturbing behavior from the children to be extremely offensive. There is also what I perceive as sexual abuse from adults, though the exact relationship of one was sketchy. The plot is often weak and tenuous. The docudrama format is not comfortable to many. The alternating from black and white to muted colors and from full screen to wide screen was annoying at times. It screamed "amateur". The concept or premise, however, was excellent; if only it had been executed with more care. Better, more decisive dialogue may have helped reveal the motivations for the characters' bizarre, antisocial behavior. Nevertheless, I would enjoy watching more films from Wild Eye Releasing.

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