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The Prince of Risk by Christopher Reich
Cover Artist: Michaeldb/Veer
Review by Linda Marie Schumacher
Anchor Paperback  ISBN/ITEM#: 9780307946577
Date: 30 September 2014 List Price $9.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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Take the ups and downs of the US Financial Market and a possible plot to ruin the US Economy. Add to that a swarthy Wall Street Hedge Fund manager with a dynamic FBI-agent ex-wife, and you get The Prince of Risk by Christopher Reich. It is a great read!

Robert Astor is the Prince of Risk. He is a hedge fund manager in New York City known for pushing the line when making choices for his funds. Fortunately, he wins more than he loses and has a very successful life. Robert Astor's father is also a successful investor and is the current CEO of the New York Stock Exchange. Astor and his father are not on speaking terms, and have not spoken in years. Their disagreements lead back to Astor's childhood when he repeatedly flunked out of private schools and eventually moved out on his own. Astor is surprised one day when he receives a text from his father of only one word, "PALANTIR". Immediately the situation unravels. At the time of the text, Astor's father was in an out-of -control car with the head of the Federal Reserve Board, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve along with two secret service agents. They are enroute to see the President with some shocking news of a tragedy about to hit the US financial markets. The car had veered out of control on the White House Lawn and was shot by other secret service agents who believed that car was a threat.

Astor has no idea why his father contacted him before the accident, but searches to find the meaning of the word PALANTIR and the story behind his father's mysterious death, without telling the authorities. Astor contacts his father's assistant, who is murdered shortly thereafter. Several assassins try to kill Astor too, but he continues to search. Eventually, Astor's ex-wife, who is an FBI agent, convinces him to bring in the federal authorities, but by then the tragedy that Astorís father was trying to avert is about to happen. Several plots are intertwined in the search for the definition of PALANTIR and it is a great read. As you can tell, The Prince of Risk is suspense right from the beginning. All the plots intertwine between Astor, his wife the FBI agent, and the various other investments issues that are ongoing at Astorís investment firm. The stories are great and the plots are much too intricate to cover in a 500 word review. I recommend that you read the book.

There are also some great characters that develop in the various plotlines. Included are a Chinese man who is an acquaintance of Astor's that is involved in the Chinese financial markets, Astor's assistant who is a typical New Yorker in actions and demeanor, the FBI agent ex-wife who has lots of adventures and Astor's private investigator who as smart as he is mysterious.

I can't say enough good things about The Prince of Risk. It is the first novel that I have read by Christopher Reich and I can't wait to read more.

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