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Strong Light of Day (Caitlin Strong) by Jon Land
Cover Artist: Getty Images
Review by Joseph B. Hoyos
Forge Books Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 9780765335128
Date: 13 October 2015 List Price $25.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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On several Texas ranches, cattle are quickly eaten alive, with only their bones remaining. A busload of teens, students at a private school, disappears from a campground. A young man, a victim of cancer, is clubbed to death with his own prosthetic leg. A university building is blown apart by bombs planted in its basement. Texas Ranger Caitlyn Strong learns that all these gruesome events, and many more, are tied to a diabolical conspiracy that spans nearly thirty-five years and involves powerful men who are hell bent on vengeance.

Reading Jon Land's Strong Light of Day (following Strong Darkness) was like taking a ride through an amusement park's funhouse. "Nightmarish" best describes it. Seriously, there are innumerable, interconnecting subplots and a multitude of extremely evil, larger-than-life characters, all of which come leaping and screaming at you from the pages. This novel is a blend of mystery, science fiction, and horror. It is based on factual accounts of the damage inflicted on both man and his environment from pesticide over-usage.

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As in past Caitlyn Strong novels, there is a super-rich, super-diabolical villain, the type you'd find in a James Bond 007 film. The villain in Strong Light of Day wants to become the world's first zillionaire through the high tech field of immersive video gaming--the player remains inside the virtual reality game. This villain uses oil refineries and petrochemical plants to finance his gaming ventures. Meanwhile, Russian mobsters want to use agroterrorism to bring Russia to world dominance.

Caitlyn Strong is a Texas Wonder Woman who is as tough as nails. Her body seems impervious to bullets. She's the one who is always shot at but never seems to get shot. On the other hand, her bullets seldom miss their intended mark. Nevertheless, she has a guardian angel in the form of a giant man, a former private assassin--a killing machine--from Mexico, named Guillermo Paz. In every novel, he is always seeking a type of spiritual guidance; this time he goes to a psychic in San Antonio; she sees him surrounded by flames.

Caitlyn is still dating the reformed bad boy, Cort Wesley. The novel alternates from the present to 1983 when Caitlyn's father, Jim Strong, and Cort's father, Boone Masters, were bitter enemies; the two men teamed up to battle Russian mobsters intent on destroying America despite the Cold War. On separate occasions, both Caitlyn and Cort were caught hiding in their father's vehicle; the teenagers wanted to assist them in their nighttime endeavors, whether they were legal or illegal. The novel has numerous bittersweet moments.

Readers should be warned that Jon Land's Strong Light of Day contains a tremendous amount of graphic, gore-laden violence, some of which involves children and young adults. The ending, I thought, was wrapped up too nicely for my tastes. Also, Caitlin Strong's meeting with a true-life political figure was far-fetched. However, the plots of Land's novels have always been a bit outlandish and over the top. Nevertheless, Strong Light of Day is an action-packed thrill ride that fans will not want to miss. Don't start reading it at night or you won't stop until you see the strong light of day.

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