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The Ghosts of Misty Hollow (Ghost of Granny Apples) by Sue Ann Jaffarian
Cover Artist: Robert Crawford / Lindgren & Sons
Review by Mel Jacob
Berkley Kindle Edition  ISBN/ITEM#: 9780425282083
Date: 06 December 2016

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Ghosts abound in Misty Hollow, but they appear hesitant and shy, yet haunt Emma Whitehouse. Something happened in the past that will not let the ghosts rest. Emma and her ghostly great-great-great grandmother try to convince the ghosts to explain. Then a strange man is found dead. Emma struggles to solve one murder, but that leads to confronting a killer determined to stop her.

A popular mystery writer, Geno Costello, invites Emma and her fiancÚ to his rented New England retreat, Misty Hollow. He needs her expertise in plotting his next novel involving a ghost hunter. Emma is a nationally recognized expert on the topic and can see and sense ghosts. She also has the help of her Granny Apples so named for her apple pies.

One Misty Hollow ghost, Blaine Brown, eventually talks to Emma about the two missing children who have failed to join their ghostly family. The ghosts are certain someone or something has prevented the children's spirits from crossing. To help them, Emma digs into the history of the Brown family with the help of a retired librarian who is also a sensitive.

Geno's wife Vanessa hates the country and soon departs for New York. There, she buys a ticket to Italy to rejoin her lover. Meanwhile, Geno's aide Leroy goes off to visit a friend. Geno, depressed at first, takes in stride Vanessa's departure and Leroy's absence and throws himself into helping Emma search for the missing children's burial site.

While gathering more information from the ghosts, Emma and her fiancÚ discover a dead man in the former Brown home now used only for storage. No one knows who he is.

The Ghost of Misty Hollow is the ninth Granny Apples Mystery by Jaffarian. Granny Apples may seem too hip to some readers, but she watches a lot of TV and loves modern things. Emma and Phil, her fiancÚ, have a warm and loving relationship. Neither Vanessa nor Leroy is sympathetic. Most readers will find the ending a happy one and will not have anticipated until late in the narrative how it all ends.

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